Why seek therapy?

International expatriates, immigrants, American residents originating from another culture, often experience low self-esteem, isolation and acute stress. Their deep discomfort shows up in multiple situations such as workplace, school environment, or social gatherings. Therapy is a powerful move towards healing. In acknowledging your personal, couple or family challenges and validating the underlying pain you can learn to accept your differences, connect to your uniqueness, and allow yourself to find the resources and the choices that make sense for you.

Sessions and fees

Sessions are held in person at the office in San Rafael. They usually last 50 minutes for individual therapy and 90 minutes for couples or families. Regular fees are $150 for individual sessions and $180 for couples and families. I have a number of sliding scale spots available based on a client's income. Payment is due at the end of each session.

Do you take insurance?

I do not work with insurance panels. However I can give you invoices and help you fill out the needed documents in order for your insurance company to cover your expenses according to your policy.

What is your cancellation policy?

Consistency is a key element to the success of your therapy. Cancellation delays your healing. When you have to cancel, please make sure you give 24 hour notice. It is unlikely that I can reorganize my schedule unless I know in advance. If you are unable to provide 24 hour notice, you will be charged the full session fee unless I am able to accommodate your needs. The cancellation fee will not apply in case of an emergency or contagious illness.

Is therapy confidential?

My aim is to provide a safe space where you can voice your concerns, wounds and pain and still feel accepted.  Confidentiality in the therapeutic relationship is a key element to successful therapy. It is strictly prohibited for a therapist to release any information regarding their client unless they have written permission to do so.

The law protects the patient-therapist relationship with the exceptions of mandatory reporting in cases of:
1. Suspected child abuse or dependent or elder abuse, for which the therapist is required by law to report to the designated authorities immediately
2. If a client is at threat of harming a designated person, the therapist is mandated to notify the police and inform the intended victim,
3. If a client shares his intention to harm himself, or if the harm was foreseeable for the clinician, the therapist has a legal duty to take the reasonable steps to prevent the client’s attempts.  

The law also offers the possibility  with the client’s written permission, for the therapist to contact and share information with his client’s health providers (Physician, Naturopath, Attorney, Psychiatrist, School Counselors…).

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