Family Therapy

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.

— David Richo

Living abroad often brings the inherent excitement of a new environment away from home. However, it also poses very unique challenges attached to the critical demands of cultural adaptation as well as maintaining long distance relationships with family and friends in your country of origin. Families can suffer greatly, experience extremely heated conflicts or severe cut-offs.

Children may act out, become out of control, withdraw or experience great suffering in their social environment.

Lots of questions may arise: How can we as parents keep our values alive and communicate them to our children?  How can we best support our children in the new cultural context they are entering?  And how do we negotiate our differences within the family?

I will strive to understand each of you and your family in your unique ways of experiencing the world, all with great care about the cultural context in which your family lives.

I am committed to help families repair their relationships and overcome their hardships. I believe that families have extraordinary resources to heal from past and present wounds.